A stay at home mom can also be a work at home mom

Being a stay at home mom is the most important job you'll ever have. Nobody else, anywhere, is as uniquely qualified for the job of being with your children during the most critical years of their lives as you are. You wouldn't change the decision you made to stay home with your kids, and are thankful you're able to do this.

But what if you need to make extra money? In today's economy, with banks closing, 12% of homeowners facing foreclosure, big retail businesses closing, giant auto makers teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and unemployment rampant---the possibility that you do need some additional income is more likely than ever.

Will you have to give up being a stay at home mom and take a job to help make ends meet? Or can you do both? Can you be both a stay at home mom and work to make extra money?

The answer is Yes! Yes, you can. Many stay at home moms are also work at home moms. There are numerous opportunities and ways to earn money by working at home. The Internet has a lot of forums and websites devoted to this subject, with great ideas, tips and pointers on how you can be a work at home mom. There are scams, so be wary. A good rule of thumb is not to take any work-at-home job that requires an initial investment. Legitimate employers don't make you pay up front to work for them.

Still, legitimate work-at-home jobs are there for the taking, and countless home business ideas, too. The first thing you need to do if you decide to become a work at home mom is do some research and familiarize yourself with the basics, such as what types of home-based jobs and businesses are hot and booming, what you'll need to get started, and so on. Online sales have been a lucrative source of income for many years and are here to stay.

Auction sites such as eBay offer an individual a way to market their wares to potential buyers all over the world. Amazon is a huge online marketplace where many individual sellers find a profitable niche for their products. Etsy, Bonanzle and Ubid are other sites that are seller friendly. You might hit some yard and estate sales, thrift stores or local auctions for items to sell, or look into drop shipping in which you buy directly from the drop shipper, basically take orders for sales, then the drop shipper sends your items out to the buyers.

Do you have a craft or hobby that could be turned into a money maker? Work at home moms are online selling everything from home baked cakes and cookies to hand crafted zebra striped tote bags. If sewing is your passion, browse the eBay completed listings of handmade items to see what's in demand and the average selling price.

If you love to bake and your friends and family almost fight over your pound cakes, look on eBay in that category or do a Google search for similar products to get an idea of how any you might expect to sell and for how much. There are so many ideas for hand crafted items to sell! Candles, soaps, bath and beauty products, throw pillows, baby quilts, purses and tote bags, wood crafts, baked goods and gourmet items, etc. etc. etc. Regardless of what you like to make, there's a market for it somewhere on the Internet.

You might not be the crafty type and would prefer something more in the business line instead. That's okay, too, because there are plenty of opportunities for work at home moms in that category. Accounting, medical transcription and billing, editing and proofreading, online customer service, data entry and more. Much more. Telecommuting is the new wave and doors are opening daily to those who want to work from home.

So, take heart! You can earn the extra money you need without giving up being a stay at home mom. You'll have the best of both worlds!