Self Esteem 101

How often have you met with this comment when you tell someone that you're a Stay At Home Mom: "Oh, you don't work?" Excuse me---you don't work??? What do these people think you do all day, lie around on the couch eating bonbons and admiring your latest manicure?

The average person doesn't mean that ridiculous statement to be offensive or demeaning. But it is, isn't it?

Somewhere along the line, much of society lost sight of the fact that making a home for your family and raising your children is work. In fact, it's hard work! It's not only physically demanding, it's mentally and emotionally demanding, as well. You literally give everything, 100%, to being a Stay At Home Mom. It's far from easy. It's the hardest job you'll ever have. It's also the most important job you'll ever have! Offices that need secretaries can always find one, or plenty. It doesn't make much difference which applicant the boss hires for the opening in the secretarial pool, because any qualified person can get the job done. Your job, on the other hand, the job of staying home with your kids in order to give them the best start available to the rest of their lives, cannot be filled by just anybody. As a matter of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.

By choosing to stay at home with your children during the most crucial of their formative years, you have taken on a job that is literally awe-inspiring. It's such a tremendous responsibility, such a monumental undertaking, and so vitally important that sometimes you feel the weight of all that responsibility weighing heavy on your shoulders. But you go on---day after day---being the very best mom you can be, because you have chosen to take your responsibilities seriously. You have consciously decided to choose between a 9-5 job and/or a career, leaving your children in day care or with a sitter, leaving much of the responsibility of their raising up to somebody else.....or stay at home with them while they need you the most. YOU. Not a day care worker or babysitter. of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.

For too long, after the "feminist" movement started back in the 60s and 70s, women who chose to stay home and rear their children, instead of "fulfilling" themselves by having a job and career outside the home, were regarded as wimps, drop-outs of the burn your bra regime, traitors to the women's fight for equal rights cause. Women who chose to be Stay At Home Moms were met with scorn, regarded as lazy, considered Stepford Wives, thought to be lacking ambition or a mind of their own. These were dark days for mothers who wanted to stay home and be mothers. of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.

Thank goodness, the tide has turned to a large extent. Stay At Home Moms today are starting to command the respect and admiration they're due. But even today, there is still a certain amount of leftover brainwashing, a byproduct of the earlier days when staying at home was socially unacceptable in many circles. There is still a popular misconception that moms who stay at home don't really work nor have a job. of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.

If you run across one of these dinosaurs, don't let them make you feel inferior because you choose to be with your kids. Don't allow anybody to make you doubt, even for one minute, that you are doing the most important thing you'll ever do, and doing it well. Doing it better than anybody else in the whole world could do it, in fact, because they're your children and no sitter or day care worker could possibly measure up to your job performance in raising and nurturing your children. Those people might be well paid for caring for other people's children, but let's face it: the motivation or the love to make them give their all and then some is just not there. You have the motivation, you have the love, you have the job. of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.

If anybody was to try and calculate a wage for your job, how much it's worth in dollars and cents, they couldn't do it. Because it's value is priceless. of fact, you are the only qualified applicant for that position.