Plan you work, work your plan

As a work at home mom, you face some obstacles and challenges that the usual 9-5 office worker doesn't have to contend with. It's wonderful to be able to work at home and be there with your kids, but there is also a whole set of unique problems that can serve to defeat your success if you aren't careful. Actually, this is true for anybody who works at home.

You just have a little bit more to deal with as a work at home mom, things that relate to trying to work at home with children. There are ways to overcome any of these minor problems. Thousands of work at home moms manage it every day and you can, too! But we won't focus on that aspect of working at home right now, just on the general stumbling blocks that confront anyone who works at home.

One area that can be a huge problem for anybody trying to earn a living, or make extra money at home, is the temptation to be sidetracked. Think about it! You're surrounded by temptations to not work all day! It's all too easy to stop and chat on the phone, for instance, or watch that favorite television show, or take a nap, or too many breaks, or play with the kids, or any one of the millions of tempting things that bombard you constantly, from every direction, while you're trying to work.

Since you don't have a boss or supervisor to stand over you and monitor your work, you'll have to do it yourself. Yes! Be your own boss! The benefits to being your own boss are great. But this is a case of having to take the bad with the good. To continue reaping the advantages of being your own boss, you'll have to learn to be a strict, no-nonsense boss to yourself. You'll need to set rules and guidelines to follow and then be a stern taskmaster with yourself, one who accepts no excuses for slacking or taking two hour lunches. Somebody has to do this job of making sure your work gets done, and that somebody is you!

You need a plan. If you just wander into your home office at no particular time, just whenever you happen to be in the mood to work, only working for as long as the spirit moves you---you won't accomplish much. You need a set schedule for exactly what it is you need to do and a deadline or timeline for getting it done.

Maybe you could remember and keep all this stuff in your head without a plan of action, but it's doubtful. So write it down! Have a calendar in your home office that's specifically for business related matters, and nothing else. Consult your calendar daily, check for reminders of little extra things you need to get done that day, then do them.

Get yourself a Daily Planner of some sort and use it to lay out all the tasks you need to perform in order to get your work done on schedule. Sit down and put some thought into your business goals. What do you want to accomplish? When? What will you need to do to accomplish these goals?

For example, if you want to increase your ecommerce sales by $500 a month, decide how many more sales will you need to make, and what will you need to do to make these sales. Once you have this all thought out, write it down.

You've set your business goals. You've established what you have to do, how you'll have to do it, and when, to allow you to attain these goals. This is your plan. As your own boss, part of your job now is to see to it that you stick to your plan.

You've planned your work---now work your plan!