Mom's Night Out

No matter how much you love your children and family, or how much you enjoy being a Stay At Home Mom, there are times when you just need to get away! By yourself, or at least without the kids, for a little while.

This is to be expected, and it's perfectly natural. Don't ever feel guilty about taking some time away for yourself! Everybody needs some R&R occasionally, even moms. Maybe especially moms.

You might press your better half into service and let Daddy take over for one evening. Or get a babysitter, or have a relative or friend watch your kids for a few hours so that you can get out and go somewhere. But do get somebody, a trusted person that you feel safe in leaving your children with so that you won't spend the whole evening worrying and calling home every few minutes, and then GO!

It really doesn't much matter where you go; as long as it's somewhere you can enjoy yourself for a few hours. You may want to get together with friends for dinner and a movie. Maybe you'd prefer a trip to the mall with your girl friends for a leisurely shopping trip, unencumbered by children for a change. Or you might want to attend a concert, go to a gallery opening, the opera, the ballet, a carnival----anywhere! The possibilities are almost endless. The important thing is that make it a priority to schedule at least one night every month for Mom's Night Out.

A lot of Stay At Home Moms really enjoy getting dressed up for their night out. Sometimes we get so caught up in being moms that we lose sight of our inner female self who loves being glam and gorgeous at least every once in a while. For these moms, it's fun to put on make-up, fix their hair in a flattering style, dress up in something totally glitzy and head for somewhere they can be seen looking their very best. Some moms don't go in for this at all and would prefer a night out playing putt-putt golf, or racquet ball, or an indoor driving range where they can hit some golf balls. That's okay, too. If getting all gussied up isn't your thing, and you aren't into sports much, either, then do something else. Maybe you'd rather have a quiet dinner somewhere with a friend or friends, just lingering over dinner and chatting.

If money is a drawback to your night out, there are plenty of ways you can have an enjoyable evening without breaking the bank. has certificates you can purchase at extremely reasonable prices that cut the cost of a dinner by half or more. With participating restaurants nationwide, you can almost certainly find one in your area. Most towns and cities have entertainment coupon books available for sale at a nominal charge that can save big bucks on going out. Costco sells movie tickets at a discount, 5 for $37.50, so if you have a Costco nearby, this might be something to check into.

Plan your Mom's Night Out and have a great time!