The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling

More and more children are being homeschooled every year. Studies show that homeschooling is increasing by 8-15% annually. As a Stay At Home Mom, you might have given some thought to homeschooling your children. If you're still debating the issue and haven't quite made up your mind, here are a few pros and cons that may help influence your decision:

  1. A closer family relationship. When homeschooled, your children spend the hours that would be spent away from home, at school, with you and other family members. This creates a closer bond between all of you. Research tell us that teenagers, especially, thrive in homeschooling with less rebellion and wayward behavior noted in children aged 12-17 when they were schooled at home as opposed to a public school or other outside learning institution.

  2. Less or no homework. Many children spend hours every evening and during the weekend on homework assignments. This is harmful to the child, and harmful to the entire family. Why? Because your child is not getting the rest and relaxation he needs while at home, often having to stay up way past his regular bedtime in order to complete the heavy load of homework he will have to turn in the next day at school. This is not only harmful to him physically, but also causes mental and emotional stress as well. Everybody needs some time to unwind. When a child is in school all day and then chained to homework all evening and possibly half the night---he isn't getting the amount of sleep and rest he needs, nor is he getting the mental and emotional rest he needs. Besides being bad for him, you and the family aren't getting the time with him that you all need to spend strengthen family ties, to enjoy each other's company. This is a deplorable state of affairs! So, homeschooling is beneficial to your child and your family by putting an end to excessive, unreasonable amounts of homework.

  3. Freedom: When your children are homeschooled, you all gain your freedom in several areas. One is emotional freedom for your child. Homeschooled, your child is free from bullies, bad teachers, competition, boredom and last but far from least---peer pressure. All of you gain the physical freedom of not being locked into the hours and schedules imposed and dictated by schools. Another freedom that might be gained by homeschooling is religious freedom. Some parents consider their religious and spiritual beliefs an integral part of their child's education, a part that is missing in regular schools. By homeschooling your child, you can incorporate religious teachings and beliefs into your curriculum as you see fit.

  4. A Better Education: Studies show that most children in public schools only get approximately one hour or less of actual task learning time each day. Children that are homeschooled can often accomplish more real learning in just a few hours than they'd get all week in a regular school. In addition, you are able to set the study courses as best suited to your individual child, where he can learn at his own pace.

  1. Time: Even though much more can be accomplished in a shorter length of time, homeschooling does require a great deal of your time.

  2. Money: You will have to invest in educational materials for homeschool studies. Compared to the expenses of sending your child to a traditional school, though, these are minor. However, if you're a Work At Home Mom, you might have to sacrifice your home business and the income earned from it, because there may not be enough time left for working at home if you also homeschool.

  3. Being "different": Sometimes children who are homeschooled are perceived as being "different" because they aren't the norm, which means not being educated in the more usual public school system.

Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you decide to home school!