Field Trips

Remember how much fun you always had back in your school days when there was a class field trip? Even if it was some place you had visited many times, you still enjoyed going again. Field trips don't have to stop because you aren't in school anymore. Plan a field trip for yourself and your children!

No matter where you live, there are places of interest that would be a great destination for your field trip. The possibilities are almost endless! Museums, art galleries, live music in the city park, local points of interest such as the former home of a famous person, perhaps, zoos, botanical gardens...... and so much more. Actually, it doesn't even have to be a "place with a purpose" for your field trip. You could simply choose a pretty, grassy meadow nearby, pack a picnic, and have your field trip there. You might think there would be nothing of interest in a plain old grassy meadow, but there is. There are wild flowers, all sorts of grasses and plants, interesting rocks and probably a few little creatures, too, even if it's just those busy ants that will probably want to attend your picnic. Anywhere and everywhere you go in this awe inspiring world of ours, there will be something noteworthy to see and learn about.

Field trips are a wonderful way to get yourself and the kids out of the house for a change of scenery. They're also a great opportunity to combine learning with fun! Wherever you decide to go on a field trip, there will be something there that will serve as a learning experience for your children. As a Stay At Home Mom, you're in an enviable position! You have the freedom to plan this type of outing with your kids and choose where you'd like to go!

Get the kids in on deciding where to go on your field trip. Listen to their input and take it into consideration, they'll probably have some good ideas. Once you've decided where you'll be going, consult your calendar and the weather channel if your trip will involve being outdoors the entire time and mark the date.

If it's a place you're unfamiliar with, such as a petting zoo, it's a good idea to get some basic information about it first, before you visit. Find out if there will be an admission charge and any special hours or days of operation, and any other rules or policies there might be that you should know about. For instance, if you plan to go on a field trip to a local park where there is a lake or large pond with ducks and/or geese, ask if it's permissible to feed them and the kinds of treats that are allowed. Then you'll be prepared and can take along a bag of stale bread, or stop and by some whole kernel dried corn to feed them if it's not against the park rules.

Believe me, coming up on a large flock of hungry ducks and geese---all quacking and honking and rushing toward you expecting to be fed---is not a good experience if you've shown up empty handed!

So, do a little homework beforehand to make sure you have a safe and pleasant field trip. Then get out there and have fun!