Net Paid Shopping -

Net Paid Shopping is a way that work at home moms can make money just by shopping. But how can this be possible? How can someone make money by spending it? Well, it is because companies need an unbiased opinion about service quality. This falls into the same category as being a mystery shopper and you will definitely make more money than what you spend when doing this job.

This is a very realistic system because it states that you can make $100 to $400 per week rather than thousands per week. Another realistic fact is that you can't do this all of the time. There is some work involved.

The pros of this system are quite evident. They include:

  • You are able to complete assignments when you can. Being a stay at home mom can make it hard to get away sometimes. You are able to do shopping assignments whenever you are able to get away and make yourself some realistic money.
  • Each assignment brings in anywhere between $10 and $75.
  • Your meals and your purchases come free because you are paid for your time and you are also reimbursed for the money that you spend.
Work at home moms or anyone wishing to make extra money will find that this is an excellent opportunity. Students will as well because tasks can be completed in between classes.

Of course there are going to be cons and they are worth evaluating. But know this is the most realistic paid to shop program that you are going to encounter.

The cons include:

  • You do have to pay a $39.95 fee one time in order to get started. The company says this is their finder's fee to provide you with a list of opportunities to make money. Net Paid Shopping has put a lot of time into finding these companies to provide you with a money making opportunity.
  • You do not make a set amount of money. How much you make depends on how much time you put into your shopping.
  • You do need to use a credit card online to pay the fee. Some are uncomfortable with this, but the connection is secure. And if you don't have a credit card, you can pay by online check.
And although this could be considered both a pro and a con, some companies pay in the form of gift certificates that you can use rather than cash. However, you are able to receive cash from over a quarter of the companies that provide opportunities.

All-in-all, this opportunity is one that is rewarding and fun. There is a lot of potential. Although the earning potential is $100 to $400 per week, you could possibly do more. Between the cash, the gift certificates, and other rewards, you'll find that your lifestyle will improve significantly. Consider it making easy money because it is. It is also fun money.

So if you're a work at home mom, jump on this opportunity and take advantage of it at your leisure.