Make Money Taking Surveys -

Taking surveys online have grown in popularity because there are a lot of companies out there looking for the opinions of consumers. Make Money Taking Surveys offers great survey opportunities for stay at home moms or anyone looking to make some extra money.

With Make Money Taking Surveys you can make up to $75 per survey and you are able to set your own hours. If the kids are running around and you're only able to work 10 minutes, then you can work 10 minutes. If you're able to work all day, then you can work all day and make a lot of cash. This is the type of flexibility that Make Money Taking Surveys offers stay at home moms, presenting a great work at home opportunity.

For instance, you can complete just 10 surveys a month at $40 per survey and make an extra $400 per month.

There are many pros to being able to take surveys using Make Money Taking Surveys aside from the flexibility. Those pros include:

  • You are able to take surveys in the comfort of your home.
  • You have total control over what you earn and what you don't earn.
  • There are many survey and focus group opportunities so that you can make as much money as possible. Take 15 surveys a month at $40 each and make $600. Join 4 focus groups at $120 each and make another $480. That is a good example of what you can accomplish.
  • You are able to have fun. When giving your opinion it is all about you and what's better is you're getting paid for it.
And yes, there are cons to Make Money Taking Surveys just like there are cons with anything else. If there were no cons, then it would seem too good to be true. If there are not any cons to something, then it probably is to be true.

Those things include:

  • There is a fee to pay of $39.95, but this is because Make Money Taking Surveys does a lot of work to find and facilitate these paid survey opportunities. The amount you pay is nothing compared to what you will earn.
  • You are responsible for your own income taxes, which means you'll have to put back a little money to give the IRS the next tax season.
  • The fee is paid via credit card, but you can pay by online check as well. Although some are skeptical of online transactions, the transactions on Make Money Taking Surveys are completely secure.
  • You do have to qualify for the surveys that you want to take. Companies look for certain demographics. However, as a stay at home and work at home mom, you should have no problem meeting the qualifications because you have children.
These are just a few cons tied to a great opportunity, but it wouldn't be an opportunity if there weren't any disadvantages. This gives you something to weigh and make an informed decision about. When you want to make money online, especially when you are a work at home mom who wants to stay home with her kids, you'll find that opportunities such as these are far and in between.